The Age of Order

The Age of Order is nigh. With the benevolent Veldann Council holding the vast majority of Golarian territories under its control, the need for agents of war is quickly diminishing. Much of the world is at peace. Those seeking adventure and fortune are forced to seek out contracts from far beyond the Golarian realm, to outer reaches, across treacherous seas, and gaping wounds of treacherous earth.

It is the first Oathday of Pharast, 4903 AR. You have received a parchment, how, you are not sure. The parchment is scribed in runes you know you cannot read, but somehow just by holding it, its words and meaning enter your mind:

Our augury instructs us that you will do well to join us in Arzaeen. You must make haste and meet your escort at the edge of the Desert Arza, at the camp Osí. Should you accept our request, we will know, and within a fortnight of receipt of this message, you will receive instructions for your travel.

The Mihr of Arza



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